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What are the odds of golden state winning tonight when is this years kentucky derby

Thursday 25st, May 9:43:45 Pm
Free NBA Betting Pick Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Game 6 2019 NBA Finals Predictions


That moron said 40 Pistons and 94 Lakers? Does that even make sense to anyone. I think we have a good Chance at winning it. Remember we're winning it all this year.

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You guys have a chance but the Lakers work as a team and stay like a vampiresandslayers.com,the Lakers have two 7 footers against Rasheed. What are your odds of winning the lottery?

Less likely than being hit by lighting, but more likely than getting killed by a shark. But the odds of winning either the Powerball or Mega Millions are roughly 1 in million and 1 in million, respectively. Compare these odds to some other unlikely scenarios and consider whether there might be a more foolproof way to cement your financial future. Strategies that are more likely to win you a bountiful retirement don't depend on blind luckjust discipline.

Things That Are More Likely Than Winning the Lottery. Just how likely is it that you'll hit it big in the lottery? Well, the odds are much worse than the probability of your death as a result of one of these. The Golden State Warriors are point favorites to win on the road tonight in what will be a bit of a homecoming for Stephen Curry.

The Warriors are on the road and as the favorite. Charlotte is at home and as the underdog. The overunder is points and the Warriors are on the moneyline. He has decades of combined experience in traditional print journalism and online media and is the publisher of the Project Spurs Network, which includes 13 team-specific sports media sites and the flagship vampiresandslayers.com He is also the creator of the first Spurs podcast and the longest-running sports podcast on the internet, the Spurscast, and was formerly the host of the News 4 San Antonio Sports Roundtable. If the odds of Royals winning tonight is 50 and the odds of them winning tomorrow night is 65 what are the odds that they will win both games right now before either game has started.

Submitted 4 years vampiresandslayers.comry Math Homework. Consider the lottery in your state if there is no lottery in your state, choose any state that runs a lottery. Describe how you would calculate the odds of winning the jackpot. Do you think it is wo read more. Golden State won 58 games in the regular season last year. While the odds may indicate that the gap between the Warriors and the rest of the league has narrowed, Jeff Sherman, a sportsbook manager who oversees the NBA odds for the SuperBook, cautions that the league is far from being wide open.

"If the NBA was more wide open, or at least perceived that way, [betting] handle would be greater than what we are seeing now," Sherman told ESPN in an email. "So many teams have little to no chance of winning the title with the lack of parity. At this point, our handle on NHL outrights [odds. Tonight it's 7 NBA games, as the Warriors look to bounce back from a Lakers loss.

See the picks and betting tips here. Butler is back and so are the Bulls with a win against Houston to put them back in top 8 of the East. With the pressure on to make playoffs, Chicago have to win. Best Bet Chicago WIN Feeling Lucky Milwaukee .

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Gamblers and statisticians share a love of odds, though the stakes on the table couldn’t be more different between the two. But us statisticians are allowed to fantasise a little, so here’s a hypothetical challenge. Let’s say you fancied a Maserati costing, but sadly you only had a dollar, what form of gambling will give you the best chance of getting the sports car? After the Chevalier’s time the scientific assessment of odds disappeared for a few centuries, as the s became a golden age of betting on the basis of gut-feelings rather than calculations.

It was the time of eccentric wagers’, such as a large sum won by the Count de Buckeburg in for riding from London to York seated backwards on a horse. Probability of Golden State winning. Winnings if betting 40 on San Antonio Return if betting 40 on San Antonio Winnings if betting 40 on Golden State Return if betting 40 on Golden State Decimal Odds Explained.

Of the three types of odds you’ll encounter in your betting endeavors, decimal odds are the easiest to work with. Decimal odds are displayed like this Calculating Payouts with Decimal Odds.

Determining how much you will win with decimal odds is straightforward simply multiply your wager by the odds associated with the team you are bettin.

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Here we calculate the odds of winning the UK lottery. It's almost a 1 in 14 million chance of winning the lottery in the UK with one line of numbers.

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The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio - Mr. Scratch-off secrets revealed . Golden State has the Rockets exactly where they want them with a chance to go up 31 before heading back to Houston.

The Warriors have won two of the last three NBA Championships and they continue to prove they are the best team in basketball. In Game 3, Golden State shot percent from the field and converted 13 of 32 three-point attempts, won the rebounding battle 4941 and forced 20 turnovers, which they converted into 28 points.

Houston should put forth a better effort in Game 4 but they were dominated in Game 3 and they do not instill confidence for bettors to back the Rockets. The Golden State Warriors visit the Houston Rockets on Wednesday when they meet for the first time since the NBA Western Conference semifinals in May.

Two games later, both remarkably are riding the momentum of winning efforts when they meet for the first time since the Western Conference semifinals in May. On the second day of a road back-to-back, the Rockets looked like Western contenders again Monday night, using 44 points from James Harden to sneak past the Memphis Grizzlies, and improve to a respectable A couple of hours later, Kerr got out of the way and watched as his band of second-round picks and two-way players shockingly outfinished the Portland Trail Blazers, for just their second win in seven tries this se.

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After the two teams watched Golden State take a huge step Saturday night into the NBA Finals with a win over Portland, Milwaukee and Toronto will play Sunday night at p.m. The Bucks can take a commanding series lead with a win in Canada, but a Toronto win could lead to a long series. Toronto is the slight money line favorite on the Caesars Casino sportsbook at with the visiting Bucks + The point spread favors the home town Raptors by points, at If you think that the Raptors can get back in the series tonight, it will most likely b. Golden State Of Mind a Golden State Warriors community.

Follow Golden State Of Mind online Log in or sign up. The Warriors backcourt struggled tonight Stephen Curry had his second straight bad shooting night, while Klay Thompson missed all nine of his two-point shots he did hit all of his threes and free throws though. Instead, it was Draymond Green who made his mark as an offensive force he led the Warriors with 24 points on 13 shots, had six assists, and snagged four offensive boards.

In the age of analytics, "hustle and energy" are treated with skepticism, but make no mistake Draymond's will to win made the difference today.

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What are the odds of a D’Angelo Russell trade this week. If the Golden State Warriors win tonight, and go on to crush Cleveland in the NBA Finals, let's remember what it felt like in the first quarter of Game 6 - or before we knew the severity of Chris Paul's hamstring injury. A Golden State title will not stand as proof of its own inevitability.

Injuries happen, to stars and key role players. And that is what makes the stakes so high tonight for them. They are set up to be in the Finals for the next three or four seasons, but nothing is guaranteed. Their four stars are either 30 years old or approaching it. The biggest tax bill in NBA history is coming. Golden State should win at least one more title after this season.

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What are the odds or also odds are is a simple game I was told by a friend some years ago and which I learned to love because so many crazy things happened to me by playing this game. That’s simple, the game is very easy and can be taught to anyone in a couple of minutes. Also you can play the game at anytime and anywhere and it requires only 2 players.

So if you are in a bar with friends, if you’re sitting in the park or if you just walk alone with your best buddy to the streets you can play this game and it will improve your day. The Golden State Warriors are heavy favorites against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, and they should be. But does LeBron have even a puncher's chance. What Are the Odds, or Odds Are, is a simple game where you dare another player to do a ridiculous task.

One player asks another how likely they are to complete a dare, and then the second player picks a number between 2 and as a limit for a number range.

Filipe CohenWarner Keller 42 TorshavnGhent 08 LyngbyRio Grande Valley Toros 94
Both players then choose a number within the range. If you say the same number, the person who was dared must follow through with it you can also add both numbers, if they add up to 10 then the player who has dared the other person wins!

Have a fun night playing the game with friends, but don't do anything that will get you hurt.

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The Golden State Warriors have a unique 3-point celebration. If you watch the Warriors bench and now many of the fans in the crowd as well you will often see them make a 3-point gesture that might not make sense at first sight. The bench and crowd will stand up and point their arm toward the sky making an okay sign thumb and pointer finger in a circle with the other three fingers sticking out, then take their other hand and begin to rub it up and down along the outstretched arm.

I’ve been wondering about this since the beginning of the season when I started to watch the Golden State Warriors again after living overseas for about 15 years. I had no idea what they were talking about when they. Betting odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win if you make a bet. Let’s use the same examples as before, with the same replacement of numbers for letters, i.e. Quite simply, for every value of B that you bet, you will win A, plus the return of your stake.

91 for every 1 you bet, you will win 9. 41 for every 1 you bet, you will win 4. Here is the calculation winnings odds stake stake. Let’s illustrate it with some examples. Can be calculated as 10 stake 10 stake 80 winnings.

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Golden State will now face the winner of Game 7 between the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals. Here are some major takeaways from Golden State's victory The old Warriors.

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This is no disrespect to Kevin Durant, who is, at this point, pretty indisputably the best player in the NBA.

Klay has a history of going off in Game 6s, and he did it again when the Warriors needed it most, finishing with with 27 points, but it was the 21 first-half points that were beyond huge. If Klay doesn't carry the Warriors in the first half while Curry was on the bench with three fouls and zero points, there are no heroics to be had at the end. They won a championship in, broke the record for regular-season wins before losing an epic Game 7 of the Finals in and spooked the league the way they dominated in But the most enduring parts of this run have been the rare moments when Golden State was actually challenged.

They were down to the Memphis Grizzlies in, and they made a brilliant strategic adjustment by defending a point guard with their center. They were down to the Oklahoma City Thunder in, and they responded with a comeback that fundamentally changed the future of the NBA.

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As Golden State continued to win, their odds continued to soar. On January with the Warriors boasting a record, their odds reached which marked the first time all season they weren’t listed at plus money. The odds after defeating the Utah Jazz on March and improving to on the season. The Cavaliers were the preseason favorite at + In conclusion, it seems like a foregone conclusion that the Golden State Warriors will defeat the Memphis Grizzlies tonight to set the record for most regular season wins in league history.

There also appears to be value on the Warriors if you’re still able to find or This is an excellent example of Pros vs.

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Joes with squares taking Memphis and sharps taking Golden State. Golden State looks to keep home court advantage tonight and take a lead on the aging Spurs tonight.

The Warriors had a horrible ending to the regular season which started to bring some doubt from outsiders wondering if this could be the year their dynasty starts to crumble.

Without Steph Curry in the lineup it looked like the might be primed for a upset but Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green wouldn’t let that happen. Can the Warriors keep winning without Curry.

That is the big question of the playoffs but will their 3 other star players they look they are good hands. They jumped out to an 11 point lead last game and coasted from there. If they can jump out again on the Spurs they should be in good shape again tonight. It's a huge Lotto draw tonight, New Zealand's second biggest Powerball jackpot of 42 million.

But what are the odds of you winning it? Seven Sharp’s Mary-Jane Aggett asked a statistician to crunch the numbers. For any one line the odds are million, that's a big number and a lot of people don’t appreciate how big that is, University of Auckland Associate Professor Russell Millar says.

Those are the same odds as someone being struck by lightning, twice. If you went to your Lotto store and said print me out every possible line of Lotto numbers with Powerball and then stacked the tickets up.

That stack of tickets would be 50 metres taller than the Sky Tow.

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Golden State may still have the best odds at winning the NBA championship in, but there are several teams one in the West and several from the East that could pose a legitimate threat to the dynasty in these playoffs. An injured Stephen Curry and rumors of Kevin Durant's impending departure may also spell internal trouble in paradise, paving the way for a new team to capture the NBA throne.

Click through below to see each NBA playoff team's odds of winning the title this year, according to Vegas Insider 16 PHOTOS. NBA championship odds for every playoff team. The Golden State Warriors held off the Toronto Raptors last night Dec.

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The team has won its first 21 games this season, an NBA record for the best start to a regular season.

If you include last season, the Warriors have actually won 25 games in a row. The research is divided, though it mostly suggests that such momentumthe idea that being on a winning streak improves the odds of continuing itisn’t a significant factor.

One large-scale study of university hockey teams found that winning a first game in a two-game weekend series didn’t increases the chances of winning the second. The Warriors play tonight Dec. 6 in New York, facing off against the Brooklyn Nets and hoping to get a bit closer to the all-time LA Lakers record.

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To some extent, the notion that the Warriors got some lucky breaks along the way shouldn't really be a controversial one. All four opponents Golden State faced were missing key players for part or all of their series We can estimate the likelihood of Golden State winning each series based on the Warriors' strength and their opponents' strength. From there, we just multiply each series together to get the total likelihood for Golden State to win four series in a row.

Here's what that looks like, comparing the actual opposition the Warriors faced to a hypothetical healthy set of opponents. It can quickly be determined that the Golden State Warriors are the favorites while the odds on Houston and Cleveland winning are longer.

That is, one wins only 10 against every 11 wagered on Golden State to be the champions. Meanwhile, one wins 9 against each 4 i.e. Times put at stake for Houston to win, which is a bit less probable.

Ronnie BrightMatthew Heath 20 RangersIoannina 94 AsterSkenderbeu 19
For Cleveland, one wins 7 against each 1 bet. In the above example, if you bet on Golden State to win, you could make a profit [ x 1011], and could get back your initial stake of, resulting in a total return of Howeve.

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Golden State Warriors fixtures tab is showing last basketball matches with statistics and winlose icons. There are also all Golden State Warriors scheduled matches that they are going to play in the future. Golden State Warriors performance form graph is SofaScore Basketball livescore unique algorithm that we are generating from last 10 matches, statistics, detailed analysis and our own knowledge.

This graph may help you to bet on Golden State Warriors matches, but be aware of that SofaScore LiveScore accepts no responsibility or liability for any financial or other loss, be it dire SofaScore basketball livescore is available as iPhone and iPad app, Android app on Google Play and Windows phone app.

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Before the dust had settled on Golden State's embarrassing loss, the front office and coaching staff were already letting the world know that the loss was a very good thing. Kerr hinted as much in his postgame comments Might this team be the greatest ever? Could they top last year's 73 wins if they tried? Was existence as we knew it doomed? Should we just cancel the season altogether? Golden State has plenty of time and talent to become the all-consuming juggernaut we envisioned they'd be, but they're not there yet.

For now, the Warriors are on notice. Behind the scenes, Warriors' braintrust are going with "I told you so.".

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Warriors-Cavs Finals Rematch Odds. Whats ur preferred definition of an All Star calibre player.

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The odds favor a Warriors sweep tonight in Cleveland during game four of the NBA Finals. Up three games to none on the defending champs, extending their perfect postseason run to 15, Golden State now looks to eliminate LeBron James and the Cavs and win their second title in three years.

The Westgate SuperBook has Golden State giving Cleveland points on the spread for tonight’s game. As for the series price, the line is at a we don’t want any more bets on the Warriors at, Cavs + To put that into dollars, that means a 1, wager on the Warriors winning at least one more game would return 5. The same bet on the seemingly implausible chances of Cleveland running off four straight to repeat would return 40.

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American odds show how much a bettor has to risk and what they are set to win using a baseline value of Let’s look at the odds of winning the NBA Championships. At the moment, the Golden State Warriors are, while the Cleveland Cavaliers are showing at + What does this mean? Well, the Warriors are a favorite shown by the minus symbol, so you’d have to bet in order to win.

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Back to full strength for only the time all season, the Clippers destroyed Memphis knowing they need to lock in now. Paul George This is what we dreamed of when this all came together. This is the squad and the team that we thought we would be." vampiresandslayers.com Reply Retweet Like. Between Kobe Bryant connections and Morris family ties, the Clippers and Lakers are bound together by far more than an arena and a heated pursuit of the NBA title.

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Get ready because tonight is the series premiere of the Zion vs. With a second straight point game, Bradley Beal is proving he's playing at an All-Star level. How many championships could the Lakers have won if Kobe and Shaq had stuck together? While music has always been an outlet for Jaylen Brown, his interest in deejaying is growing.

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What are the odds of winning the euromillions lottery? Cules son las posibilidades de ganar el EuroMillones? What are the odds that darrah or michelle will quit? Qu probabilidades hay de que michelle o darrah abandonen? What are the odds in a city of eight million people? Cules son las probabilidades en una ciudad de ocho millones de personas?

What are the odds seth commits a felony in Virginia? What are the odds that we charbroil the state of tennessee tonight? Qu posibilidades hay de que asemos el estado de tennessee esta noche.

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Neil We often talk about the seeming inevitability of Golden State winning these past few years. But if they win again, that fourth quarter will be looked back at as a turning point of sorts, I think. A place where they made their stand as the season could have begun slipping away.

Curry even started to get things rolling in that fourth quarter, after a brutal series for the most part. Natesilver I don’t know the whole game felt like Golden State’s to lose. The first half in particular was wide-open and sloppy, which you’d think was the Warriors’ jam more than Houston’s.

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Tonight, the lottery jackpot, after 14 consecutive rollovers, is expected to reach a record m a sum so big that under lottery rules someone, somewhere, has to win it. Which leaves just one question how could it be you? Here are our nine tips to boost your chance of victory National Lottery Nine tips to boost your chances of winning tonight's m Lotto jackpot. Someone, somewhere has to win it and it could be you, if you follow these simple rules. Thursday 7 January The odds are the same. Read more Buying a National Lottery ticket 'could be profitable investment'.

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Odds and lines explaintions for all of tonights games below. Check back during the season for odds, lines and point spreads. Free College Football Picks + Predictions, Betting Tips and Parlays for Today. College football point spreads explained Since Michigan is generally out of the CFP discussion by November, there game against Ohio State is the be all and end all of their season.

Michigan wants to beat Ohio State so badly, that some of the fan base would be considered there season a success if that's the only marquee win on the schedule. If you don't know some of the history of college football, I suggest looking into it.

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The Golden State Warriors host the Chicago Bulls tonight having won four of their last five games with the lone defeat a one point loss to Houston following overtime. For the Chicago Bulls, this is the second game in a five game west coast road swing that will see them face the Warriors, Jazz, Lakers and Nuggets before returning home on January to host the Heat.

After losing by 12 at Portland on Wednesday night in the opening game of this five game road trip to extend the club’s winless streak to five games five wins in their last 23 games, the Bulls sit fourth in the NBA Central Division with a record of on the road, two and a. Half games clear of fifth placed Cleveland. Both clubs have performed slightly below bookmaker expectations so.

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Golden State Warriors are currently the hot favourite to win the NBA Champions, with Ladbrokes pricing them 12 favourites following a fantastic season. Below you’ll find all the latest odds on the NBA ahead of its climax in June. Find bellow the upcoming NBA Games for the weekend from Bet live streaming. So you would bet on them entirely separately to the rest of the game, with the scores at the end of the first quarter or half being the score that determines if you win the bet or not.

The NBA play-offs are where betting on the championship really begins to hot up.

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Currently, Vegas odds have the Thunder as the home favorites by points, and many professionals are expecting the Thunder to close out the series in Game 6 but don’t count the Warriors out just yet. The record-setting Warriors and defending champions have a knack for turning things around and getting the job done. We didn’t give ourselves any chance to be competitive in OKC and tonight we finally showed what we’re capable of and we have to take that game and travel for game six.

We’re excited about that opportunity we have, another game to play For us we play better when we’re having fun and enjoying the moment. Final score prediction Oklahoma City Thunder, and Golden State Warriors to win the game. [Photo by Ronald MartinezGetty Images].

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You can take this how you want But to me it means I'm dying here tonight In your arms and in your eyes Don't forget to keep me in mind You know you were so untouchable Stand strong You know the rest of us will never think the same again. Is this what California means to you I always saw it as a place with sunsets and palm trees but everyone here looks the same And all I want to be is next to you tonight. Carry me tonight And don't say another word I don't think that I can handle another broken heart from you So watch and learn Just watch and learn.

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But with the Golden State killer, the cold case heated up because of a different approach to DNA one that’s a lot closer to spitting in a tube to find out your ancestry. Detectives had some DNA evidence that was collected from a double murder in and frozen, so it was especially well-preserved. We don’t know the specifics of what they did next, but they eventually uploaded data from that sample onto an open-source genealogy website called GEDmatch. To confirm that he was the Golden State killer, they needed some of his DNA to test for a match.

So they put him under surveillance and grabbed his trash. They used something with some of his cells on it maybe a straw, soda can, or used Kleenexwe don’t know what exactly.

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Tune into Racenet for details about The Golden Eagle in We have the latest details about the newest race, including information about race time, best bets, free tips, form guide, field, best odds, news and runners.

Get all the details you need with Racenet! Have a look below at the current odds with Sportsbet Horse. With your account loaded up you can then place your bets. The Golden Eagle, run for the first time in, is something completely new in Australian racing a race restricted only to four-year-olds.

While Australian racing has many famous races for two and three-year-olds, this will be the first race only for four-year-olds.

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Golden State is too stacked up. They got Durant, Klay, Curry, Green, Referees, Jr Smith. JR Smith will stone for his cardinal sin and revert back to Denver Nuggets J.R. Tonight and rest of the series. Lebron’s teammates will rise to the occasion and give LBJ help.

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The Vegas Golden Knights' winning streak is still alive and well after the Knights picked up their seventh straight win with a blanking of the Edmonton Oilers ampvideoyoutube6 hours ago. With the distraction of the NHL Trade Deadline out of the way, the real hard work starts and it starts tonight for the Vegas Golden Knights.

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With a win tonight the Jazz would be increasing their odds to secure home court advantage in the round, a luxury they haven’t had the privilege of since That would be a pretty amazing accomplishment for a lot of different reasons but one of the biggest being how deep this western conference is and how many good to great teams there really are.

Although the drama of trying to make the playoffs isn’t there anymore, it will be a fun game as the regular season home finale. The excitement of having a good team and being able to compete for something in April should make for a fun playoff appetizer at Vivint Smart Home Arena vampiresandslayers.com the best team win.